SEO Video: Death of Link Building & Rebirth of Link Earning from Rand Fishkin

Another great video from Rand Fishkin and his must-watch Whiteboard Friday’s: The Death of Link Building and The Rebirth of Link Earning. While many of the tips/advice mentioned in this video are true they were always part of the link building game just not the only game in town as they pretty much are now. The way I see it is that Link Earning is very similar to the concept behind why Link Bait is so valuable. To some extent they are exact same thing, I mean earning a link aka creating content that is worthy of having someone else link to it is that not the definition of Link Bait? The only real difference I see between the two is that Link Bait for the most part is created for the sole purpose of generating links while Link Earning means your content created for whatever the reason might be is so good that people will link to it.

While these correlations can be made between the two I still very much recommend this to anyone interest in Link Development, SEO post Penguin and what the future landscape may look like:

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