Most Disturbing Documentaries on Netflix Streaming

One of the things I hate most about Netflix streaming especially when not viewed on a laptop (ex. Roku & PS3) is the inability to browse all of their movies. As any user knows your are limited to movies “similar” to recently watched movies but these subcategories are not just from movies you like and with limited sections like this having a moving you don’t like as a subcategory really limits your options, typically there are 3 of these listed.

Netflix then lists the traditional movie types; Thrillers, Comedies, Documentaries, Mystery & Suspense, etc. Each of the movie types provides 50 movies which seems like a large number at first you quickly realize how small this number can be when Netflix does not change what 50 movies are displayed. This often happens to me with my favorite types of movies b/c I’ve seen all movies from the list of 50 I want to see (ex. Documentaries).

While most of the time Netflix displays the standard movie types every once in a while they will have categories specific to your viewing tastes. These are great places to find movies you never heard of but unfortunately they do not always appear nor is there a way to ask Netflix to keep a category. This means after starting a movie some movie themes may not be seen for another 5 months.

If your still read my rant on the limitations of Netflix I’m impressed and will stop the bleeding and get to the reason this blog post was created, a list of the Top 11 Most Disturbing Movies on Netflix Streaming:

Most Disturbing Documentaries On Netflix Streaming –


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