What SEO’s Should Expect for the Remainder of 2013

Famed Google Search (SEO) authority, Matt Cutts, recently release a video where he discusses his predictions for what will come in the world of SEO for the remainder of the year. Whether or not you agree with his predictions don’t forget he’s from Google so most likely he is dropping hints on what is to come so be prepared. 
A quick overview:
  • Next Generation of Penguin Update – Google calls it Penguin 2.0 and is dedicated to find black hat practices better than the original Penguin update. 
  • Aditorials/Native Advertising – someone pays for an ad or an article, those ads should not have page rank, this is against Google’s Quality Guidelines and it appears that Google will be enforcing this more often. 
  • Competitive Keywords – 2 different changes to make these markets less spammy
  • Link Analysis – deny the value to link spammers
  • Sophisticaed Link Analysis – they are at the very early stages
  • App Sites – hope to detect this better
  • Communicate better with Webmasters, especially when hacked
  • If do a lot of Black Hat going to be hard summer because Google is really going after websites that do these types of practices.
  • Authority Detection – better job to determine who is an authority in a space and then making sure that they rank better
  • Panda Update (Again) – have something to soften the blow for sides that are in the grey zone, not all spam
  • Clustered Search Results – If go 3 pages deep you often see search results all from the same domain, Google is going to be making a change to lessen the number of clusters you see especially after the initial cluster from a given website
  • Provide Info – Keep trying to figure out how to give more info to webmasters, more concrete details and example URLs

Sounds like this summer Google is really going after the Black Hats and attempting to help the small/medium websites rank better in the search engines. 

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