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So I just came across, it’s a free website that allows to convert PDF files to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, a text document, a XML file and many other formats that are not used as often these days.

Convert a PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images & Webpages

The things I like best about this tool is that you do not have to download anything. All you have to do is visit the website, upload the file, enter your email and within a few minutes you converted file arrives in your inbox. Unfortunately the website limits you on the amount of conversions you can do in a given day but the good news is there is a workaround. You can email or they have emails specific to some of the different file types (most of the Microsoft Office programs):

Another nice feature of this tool that you rarely see is the ability to reverse the conversion and turn Web pages, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Images and more to PDF’s. This is great for presentations and/or auditing or designing a website because you can display the webpages is clean looking PDF Files.

Convert Word, Excel, PPT, Webpages, Images to PDF
Convert Word, Excel, PPT, Webpages, Images to PDF

 Now you may wonder why am I talking about this? Well I did happen to come across this website/tool for the first time today but the real reason is back to good old SEO. Having PDF’s on your website is not optimal. Search Engines often have difficulty determining the contents of  a PDF, they essential only have a few things to help them determine what your PDF is about:

  • Anchor Text – this is the text within a hyperlink and often one of the best indicators to search engines what your file is all about. This is a vital part of SEO. The important thing to remember here is it’s not just the hyperlink text itself but the words surrounding the hyperlink as well. Google and the other search engines have discovered that hyperlinks are a great way to determine what a webpage and/or file is about and with this the text immediately before and after often also describe the file or web page being linked to.
  • File Name – similar to image optimization, but much more important is having an optimized file name. The important thing to remember here is depending on your Content Management System you may not want to have hyphens and it is best to just use spaces. I know this goes against everything else you have learned in SEO but this is the exception to the rule. Some Content Management Systems allow you to create a Title Tag so you are not just relying on the file name to be the Title Tag.
Title Tag of Tekscan PDF

Here is an example of and how they do PDF’s on their website to illustrate the advantage of including a Title Tag to your PDF page and not just hyphens in your file name. As you can see with the search results below, a title tag in tandem with a file name is much better than just the file name appearing in the search results: 

Google Search Results of Tekscan PDFs

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