Aaron Hernandez a Bristol Blood and His Reason For Killing Odin Lyod


While there has been much speculation as to whether or not Aaron Hernandez does in fact have any gang affilitations, the picture above along with the “Blood” tattoo on his hand in the picture of him handcuffed below seem to confirm those suspicions. Apparently there is a gang called the Bristol Bloods that he is a part of since at least the age of 17, when the first picture was taken.


Now comes the reason(s) for Aaron Hernandez killing Odin Lyod, Hernandez was worried that Odin Lyod would tell the Patriots and his fiance about his involvement in drugs and involvement in several violent incidents.

In other words Odin Lyod did not attempt to bribe Hernandez or anything, all that he did was make Hernandez think he might talk.

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