Lebron James Better Than Jordan @ 28 & Why Being Bad Is Good In The NBA


Lebron James Better Than Jordan @ 28 & Why Being Bad Is Good In The NBA

As much as I love Michael Jordan more than the egomaniac Lebron James, this pictures makes a very good argument for why Lebron is better than Jordan by age 28.

Of course Jordan and the 90’s Chicago Bulls really started to dominate after Jordan hit the age of 28 it is still interesting to think how much better James looks at this age. Personally, I don’t think or want King James to start a decade of dominance in Miami or where ever he may end up there are too many teams in the NBA stacking their teams with superstars and going for it.

This all started in 2008 with the Boston Celtics and The Big 3 of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett and ever since teams really go big or go bust. When Miami first started their on Big 3 they struggled at times with meshing together as a real team and having to play other teams with stacked rosters. In recent years they have not had as much competition but with the way things look at the draft and the entire week other teams will be at their level soon. Why?

In this period of the NBA there are clear powerhouses and teams that are rebuilding but there is also a third category: mediocracy, this is when your teams is good enough to make the playoffs and maybe win a round or two but have no legitimate shot at winning it all. In the process of getting to the playoffs and maybe winning a round or two (two is very rare) the team is ruining their future and any chances of really developing talent to push their team over the edge and make them a real contender.

Yes it sucks knowing your team is only going to win 15-20 games the entire year but it is much better to go through that for a few years, get some great players in the draft, make a few trades and go after it. The big thing here is timing, it has to be at the right time, you can’t go for it with a weakness in your roster or all of the bad years are a waste. You will end up not winning the title and not gaining a good draft pick. It can be at times a vicious cycle for some teams.

There is no need to name names or in this case name teams because I am sure we can all think of this teams. Luckily in Boston we appear to be a team that gets this but time will tell. In reality trading Rajon Rondo might be the best thing we can do UNLESS we are bad with him in which case it is the best of both worlds; we keep a very good player and get a draft pick.

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