Poll: Worst Trade in Boston Sports History?

What Is The Worst Trade In Boston Sports History?

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With all the talk about the recent Tyler Seguin trade and if the Bruins just traded away their future franchise player to gain more cap space I figured it would be a good time to go over the worst trades in Boston Sports History.

Of course the easy pic is Babe Ruth so I have left him off the list and have really focused on trades since I was born/following sports but in reality this is really when teams started making blockbuster trades. Although every once in a while a big trade would happen back in the day like how the Boston Celtics got Bill Russell and many others.

Ray Bourque Sporting News Cover: Mission Accomplished
Ray Bourque Finally Gets The Cup After Bruins Trade Him To Colorado

Personally I don’t see how anyone could hate the Ray Bourque trade considering the Boston Bruins where horrible at the time and it allowed Bourque to finally get the elusive Stanley Cup that he could never get with Cam Neely and the late 80’s-90’s Bruins. Regardless of how I feel there are many who really dislike this trade so it made the list.

Nomar Garciaparra SI Cover: A Cut Above
The Infamous Nomar SI Cover, Although He Was In Tip-Top Shape He Was Never The Same After The Injury He Received Shortly After This Cover

The one other trade that many in Boston hate but I love is the Nomar Garciaparra trade. As a Boston Red Sox fan how could you not love this trade? This move is what snapped the Red Sox out of their mid-season funk i 2004, allowed them to acquire the Boston Legend, Dave Roberts. I’m sure this needs no mention but just in case Roberts was the man who made the most iconic steal in Boston Red Sox history, not that it means a lot since the Sox have always been a slow, no base stealing team.

Vote Away and let’s see what really is the worst trade in Boston Sports History.

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