Russian Beaches Invaded by Submarines: 100 % Real Picture, No Photoshop!

russia submarine on beach meme
Russian Submarine on Beach Meme: 100% Real

As hard as it may be to believe that photo is not doctored at all and is the real thing, being that it’s Russia I really am not that surprised. I know when I lived in Winthrop, MA right on the beach I would often see huge cargo ships in the background as they approached or departed from the Boston Cargo Drop-off Location (clearly I do not know the actual name for it). So the idea that in a country where the president is essential a mafia dictator who steals Super Bowl Championship Rings from Bob Kraft and continues to build up his military while a large population of the country is living like it was still the cold war with little to any food/clothes/shelter and everything looks like it’s from a bad 80’s movie taken place in Europe (I say this because have you ever noticed that people in these countries are always wearing awful sweaters that look like you used to get from a relative in the 80’s) I really do not find it that far fetched at all.

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