Top 20 Most Expensive Colleges in America: NYU #1, Harvey Mudd? #2

make nyu affordable
Make NYU Affordable

I knew College was getting more and more expensive but $61,977 for NYU WOW! and #2 on the list Harvey Mudd College at $61,760, if I was going to pay that much i would at least want people to have heard of the school, where the heck is Harvey Mudd College?

This is what you’ll pay at the 20 most expensive colleges in America

So in the 10 years since I gradutated #college, #collegetuition has gone up nearly 100%, that’s great so by the time I have kids that go to school it should only be abour $240,000 per year if it continues at that rate. They better be good at sports.

Speaking of sports one interesting thing about this list is the lack of schools on here with an actual major athletic program if any at all. Of the 20 schools, 2 have major athletic programs (USC and Northwestern) with one other being very very good at lacrosse (Johns Hopkins) but that’s it. Then again, maybe this is the reason the costs are so high because none of these schools have TV contracts, season ticket revenues, merchandise (I mean who buys a Harvey Mudd College shirt?).

Another interesting thing about this list is who is not in the Top 20 Most Expensive Colleges: Harvard  & Yale, arguably the best schools in the country, not in the Top 20 and they do not have much of an athletic program so that theory kinda gets shoot down. But the power of the names Harvard & Yale may help keep costs down.

Here is the full list:

1. New York University — $61,977: ok at least this is a very well known school and it’s in New York City, the most expensive place to live in the world (I think?), so this makes some sense to me.

2. Harvey Mudd College — $61,760: no way I would pay over $20,000 a year for a school no one has heard of, especially one with such a horrible name, I can heard the chants now (even they even have sports which they probably don’t)

3. Bard College — $61,446

4. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute — $60,779: very smart school, all I know

5. Sarah Lawrence College — $60,656: sounds like an all girls school to me

6. Wesleyan University — $60,214: is an all girls school, has many famous alumni like Hillary Clinton, so maybe this should be on the list, for that price I would want to know the opposite sex isn’t a 5 mile drive into town.

7. Dartmouth College — $60,201: probably one of the only schools on here that makes sense, Ivy League and one of the best in the country

8. University of Chicago — $60,039: a great city and a great school, this makes sense to me.

9. Bard College at Simon’s Rock — $60,003: what is this place? a musical school?

10. Trinity College — $59,860: a very good school but in a horrible city, Hartford, there is no way the cost of living in Hartford equals a price this high. But then again you can say that with most any school, Trinity is very hard to be accepted and has a strong name in the northeast.

11. Johns Hopkins University — $59,802: a very good school, a very good lacrosse program and a school that produces many doctors, I think this might be almost worth while

12. Fordham College — $59,802

13. Carnegie Mellon University — $59,632

14. University of Southern California — $59,615

15. Occidental College — $59,592

16. Scripps College — $59,570

17. Oberlin College — $59,474

18. Haverford College — $59,446

19. Pitzer College — $59,416

20. Northwestern University — $54,389

Half the Schools on this list I have never even heard of before.


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