Top Pics in Boston Sports History

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Stealing this idea from a Facebook post I saw earlier today and a Top 5 List that I totally did not agree with so here is my list of Top 10 Sports Images in Recent Boston Sports History.

  1. Dave Roberts Steal
  2. Adam Vinateri Kick in Snow Game against Raiders
  3. Tom Brady Tuck Rule Play/Vinateri Kick (should probably be 2a and not really #3)
  4. Havelchick Steal
  5. Schilling Bloody Sock
  6. 2004 Sports Illustrated Covers
  7. 2004 World Series: Varitek hugs Foulke
  8. A-Rod Slap
  9. Iconic Rodney Harrison Post Super Bowl pic
  10. Paul Pierce NBA Finals MVP (not the most important but for recent history sure is and in the days of free agency pierce is a true celtic so seeing him not only get a title but the MVP after years of sticking with the celtics when they were horrible this was a great moment).
  11. Doug Flutie Hail Mary Pass

What Do You Think Is The Best?

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