New England Patriots New Uniforms?


Check out these new uniforms the New England Patriots could start wearing in future NFL games. What do you think?

Personally, I would be cool with them pulling an Oregon Ducks move and wear them for one game to sell more jerseys b/c it would definitely create extra revenue and hell I would probably even buy one. There are only so many old school red patriots jersey you can have.

It is time for a new Pats jersey. I haven’t bought once since Randy Moss authentic jersey for $20 after being trade while rumors spread on his potential return and well it didn’t work out as planned I don’t have regrets. Any time you can get an authentic jersey of your team no matter the player for $20 it’s a good unless of course it’s Aaron Hermandez.

So back to New pats jersey talk, I’m thinking Kembrell Thombkins, Zach Sudfeld or one of the new defensive player jerseys they have. Actually does anyone know the new Pats jerseys for this year?


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