All Former Boston Red Sox’s Team (VMart, D-Lowe, Dice-K, Youk, Coco, Hanley, Manny, etc)

After reading a recent article on that reviews the 43 former Boston Red Sox players that are still playing major league baseball and when then left the Red Sox, how they left and where they are now. Clearly there have been many more players that have past through the walls of Fenway Park but this is a great list of the most “popular” (for lack of a better word) ones. At first I was trying to come up with a list of my Top 3 or 5 players but with so many I figured an entire team, 10 players – all position players, a DH, a Relief Pither (RP) & and a Starting Pitcher (SP), would be best.

Here is my team of all former Boston Red Sox players who are still playing in the majors (or in some cases the minors):

  • Catcher: Victor Martinez


  • First Base: Adrian Beltre


  • Second Base: Marco Scutaro


  • Shortstop: Hanley Ramirez


  • Third Base: Kevin Youkilis


  • Left Field: Manny Ramirez


  • Centerfield: Johnny Damon


  • Right Field: Coco Crisp (I included 2 pictures b/c they are both so great!)


  • DH: Jason Bay


  • Starting Pitchers: I believe all of them are pretty much the same spot in the rotation as they were when on the Red Sox except for Justin Masterson. Masterson is a much better pitcher now than he ever was a young prospect on the Red Sox and although he is on the lowly Cleveland Indians he still is their #1 Starter so I figured placing him as the #2 guy in the rotation was not far off and like I said before the rest of the rotation makes complete sense.
  1. Josh Beckett


  2. Justin Materson


  3. Dice-K


  4. Derek Lowe

  5. Bronson Arroyo


  • Relief Pitcher: Jonathan Papelbon


  • Utility: Bill Hall


I am sure many people will disagree with my team and/or the high number of guys from the World Series champion teams but doesn’t that make sense? Plus it is far and away one of my best sports memories of all time (the 2004 World Series and the entire season to be honest) and I am sure it will be for my lifetime.

What do people think, would this team have a shot at making the playoffs? Going deep into October?


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