findtherightjob is not the right site to find a job website review, the site appears to be a front for obtaining your contact info and then calling you the same day (sometimes w/n hours) selling you something.


With a title like that, I could I NOT resist but apply.

Now I wish I did resisted

After halfway filling it out, (with my cell phone filled in no less) I began to realized there was something not quite right. I mean it had those trustworthy looking badges of trust (as in BBB and disclosure that the site will not use your information to be sold off to a third party) Then when I clicked on the BBB it text away how this site

CollegeBound Network LLC

is trustworthy

What the hell? CollegeBound? I thought this site was called findtherightjob but not a site about being bound to a money draining land known as “college”. I clicked off the site. Too bad the site decided to give me a call.

“Hello?” me grumpy

“Is this (insert name here)” A overly familiar male greeted me on my cel phone


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