Uber Driver Complaints should decline with Uber Background Checks not to mention Driver Ratings


With the news of the Taxi app company Hailo to pull out of North America (http://ow.ly/DdZVD) many have said they will miss the ability to keep it “old school” and use taxis over Uber and the like. Most of these people do not like Uber and often share their bad Uber experience as the reason.


These concerns should now be silenced with a much more thorough background check for all Uber drivers, http://ow.ly/De0Li. Not to mention the always present driver ratings.

uber-heroUber is pretty good but unfortunately there are some shady/unrelaible drivers but can u honestly say you’ve never encountered a bad cab driver? I’m guessing you have & just like all services of course there are some bad apples but like said using the driver ratings as a guide you can decrease the chances of a bad experience……..of course the bigger issue is will #Uber and competitors be able to continue providing service without having to obtain taxi cab medallions, that’s what we have in Boston, there are only a certain amount of these in the entire city/state and all cab drivers have one, although most will rent them from medallion owners. Many of these medallions were once owned by “families” (like The Sopranos) and while not as prevalent as it once was some still are…….if something this would lead you to think cities and government would be happy to have Uber to decrease the need for these medallions (at least the ones owned by families) which is probably true but the real issue becomes taxes. All drivers need to pay some sort of tax/fee to the city(s) they provide service in but this is not the case for Uber drivers. Many cab drivers have used this as the reason their rates are higher and why they cannot compete against Uber drivers whether this is true or not who knows but you have to think it’s only a matter of time till cities begin asking for their take after all their the biggest family around.

new airbnb logo red background

The same is the case with AirBnB, hotels and anyone providing lodging must pay taxes to the state/city but AirBnB users do not so it’s only a matter of time……..

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