Best Fantasy Football Team Names of 2013

As the fantasy football season really starts to take off and the contenders begin to separate themselves from the contenders I thought it would be a good time to list some of the best Fantasy Football Team Names of 2013. With so many injuries already this year there are some team owners that already have… Continue reading Best Fantasy Football Team Names of 2013

Patriots/Jets Fight Starring Nick Mangold & Talib

Above and below are GIFs from the fight that erupted at the end of last night’s New York Jets versus New England Patriots game. The first GIF shows what tipped things off, Jet Nick Mangold chops down Talib of the Patriots after he had just made a game ending interception. It is clear that over… Continue reading Patriots/Jets Fight Starring Nick Mangold & Talib

RG3 & Out Meme – Robert Griffin 3

RG3 & Out Meme - Robert Griffin 3

RG3 & Out Meme

Robert Griffin 3 Meme I created during last night’s football game. Although he may have ended with a good stat line anyone who watched the game will know that the majority of his passing yards/touchdowns came long after the outcome of the game had been settled.

New England Patriots New Uniforms?

Check out these new uniforms the New England Patriots could start wearing in future NFL games. What do you think? Personally, I would be cool with them pulling an Oregon Ducks move and wear them for one game to sell more jerseys b/c it would definitely create extra revenue and hell I would probably even… Continue reading New England Patriots New Uniforms?

Madden Cover Curse Infographic

Madden cover curse proves to be more and more real ever year. Personally, I feel that Peyton Hillis and/or Vince Young were the two worst, what do you think?

Madden Curse

Madden Cover Curse Infograph

Florida Gators Football Alumni Meme Bar Joke

Florida Gator Football Alumni Meme Bar Joke

So a Racist (Riley Cooper), a Murderer (Aaron Hernandez) and a Preacher (Tim Tebow) walk into a bar…..

Top Pics in Boston Sports History

Stealing this idea from a Facebook post I saw earlier today and a Top 5 List that I totally did not agree with so here is my list of Top 10 Sports Images in Recent Boston Sports History. Dave Roberts Steal Adam Vinateri Kick in Snow Game against Raiders Tom Brady Tuck Rule Play/Vinateri Kick… Continue reading Top Pics in Boston Sports History

Barry Sanders Highlight Video

Awesome Barry Sanders highlight video, my favorite Barry move of all time is when he turns around the Patriots Cornerback only to blow buy him (I think it was #45 Myron Guyton on the Pats)