Fastest Growing Industries Businesses of 2013 Infograph

List of the Fastest Growing Industries of 2013

Nothing on this list is much of a shock to me except for Social Network Games. Don’t get me wrong I know this is a very popular industry these days but I did not think it would still be growing so much. I mean most people already play these types of games for years but clearly I was wrong.

Personal Care will only continue to grow as the Baby Boomers continue to get older. 3-D Printing I think is going to be the industry with the largest growth but the question is when. Personally I do not think 3-D printing will really catch on in the next 6 months (the end of 2013) but next few years sure. Until the costs go down and people become more aware of the technology and what can be done with it and what you can buy that is created using 3-D Printing it will not reach it’s full business potential.

Fastest Growing Industries & Businesses of 2013 Infograph

Social Media Demographic Infograph

Just Who Uses Social Media? A Demographic Breakdown #socialMedia #infograph

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