Madden Cover Curse Infographic

Madden cover curse proves to be more and more real ever year. Personally, I feel that Peyton Hillis and/or Vince Young were the two worst, what do you think?

Madden Curse

Madden Cover Curse Infograph

Florida Gators Football Alumni Meme Bar Joke

Florida Gator Football Alumni Meme Bar Joke

So a Racist (Riley Cooper), a Murderer (Aaron Hernandez) and a Preacher (Tim Tebow) walk into a bar…..

Women Has 46 Year Pregnancy & Gives Birth To Mummy

Look at this woman pregnant for 46 years old gives Birth to a mummified baby woman has 46 yr pregnancy The worst/weirdest part of story is it sounds like she actually knew she was pregnant and even was in the hospital at one point but left thinking things were over. Years later after complaining about… Continue reading Women Has 46 Year Pregnancy & Gives Birth To Mummy