New England Patriots New Uniforms?

Check out these new uniforms the New England Patriots could start wearing in future NFL games. What do you think? Personally, I would be cool with them pulling an Oregon Ducks move and wear them for one game to sell more jerseys b/c it would definitely create extra revenue and hell I would probably even… Continue reading New England Patriots New Uniforms?

History of NFL Logos Infograph

Very cool infograph that displays the history of each NFL team’s logo. A lot of these I never knew, others are nearly impossible to tell what is different from year to the next (ex. Look at the Chiefs 2 logos from the 60’s and 70’s what is the difference between them? I really cannot tell).… Continue reading History of NFL Logos Infograph

Manny’a Back, Manny Ramirez Signs Deal With Rangers

The Texas Rangers just signed Manny Ramirez to a minor league deal. What happen to that 120 game suspension?

Best Uniforms in Baseball

By Doug Nyren Apparently ESPN did a tournament for the best uniforms in baseball & #RedSox were a 6 seed but made it to elite 8 only to lose to the #Yankees, its #Cardinals vs #Orioles in finals The entire bracket is pictured below while I do like the Orioles hats I don’t know about… Continue reading Best Uniforms in Baseball