Another Reason Tom Brady Is The Greatest………Facebook

As though you need more reasons for why Tom Brady is one of, if not the greatest athlete in Boston, well here’s a new one, Facebook. Yes, Tom Brady has a great Facebook page. Brady’s Facebook page is full of the typical day in life stuff that all have but he also provides some pretty funny… Continue reading Another Reason Tom Brady Is The Greatest………Facebook

Red Sox Beards (2013 Boston Red Sox) Poster

Red Sox Beards (2013 Boston Red Sox) Poster

Hate to be another one of those Red Sox and Beards people but found this poster funny and with Game 5 tonight of the World Series I figured it was somewhat appropriate. My personal favorite is “The Tease” (David Ortiz) in real life and “The Buck” (Clay Buchholz) in terms of beard style, what about you?

Jason Varitek’s Records: 4 No-No’s, Played in MLB, College & Little League World Series

Jason Varitek's Records
Jason Varitek’s Records

Personally, I have always been a fan of Jason Varitek since I found out that he had moved in down the street from my childhood home not to mention the full size candy bars and autographs on Halloween and/or Him, Johnny Damon, Mike Timlin and others Trick or Treating in my neighborhood during the peak of Red Sox madness (September 2004 – The Start of the 2005 Season).

Reading the accomplishments and stats above it is hard to deny the greatness of Varitek but what is often overlooked was his ability to call/catch a great game. Many of the Boston Red Sox pitchers praised Varitek and his ability to call the right pitches and talk to them in key high-stress situations. This is displayed by him catching 4 no hitters, this is by far the most by any catcher in the history of major league baseball.

Apparently success has followed Varitek wherever he has gone, winning championships at every major baseball level growing up:

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  • Little League World Series (LLWS)
  • College World Series (NCAA)
  • Major League Baseball World Series (MLB)
  • Olympics
  • World Baseball Classic (WBC)

How Does Koji Uhera Celebrate the Red Sox Winning the AL East?

Boston Red Sox Relief Pitcher Koji Uheara celebrate winning the AL East Crown?     Yeah, that’s how, with Lay’s Potato Chips and a Corona. I hope that he will calm down before the playoffs start. This definitely is a changed team from last year and they sure have produced very different results.

Patriots/Jets Fight Starring Nick Mangold & Talib

Above and below are GIFs from the fight that erupted at the end of last night’s New York Jets versus New England Patriots game. The first GIF shows what tipped things off, Jet Nick Mangold chops down Talib of the Patriots after he had just made a game ending interception. It is clear that over… Continue reading Patriots/Jets Fight Starring Nick Mangold & Talib

All Former Boston Red Sox’s Team (VMart, D-Lowe, Dice-K, Youk, Coco, Hanley, Manny, etc)

After reading a recent article on that reviews the 43 former Boston Red Sox players that are still playing major league baseball and when then left the Red Sox, how they left and where they are now. Clearly there have been many more players that have past through the walls of Fenway Park but… Continue reading All Former Boston Red Sox’s Team (VMart, D-Lowe, Dice-K, Youk, Coco, Hanley, Manny, etc)

New England Patriots New Uniforms?

Check out these new uniforms the New England Patriots could start wearing in future NFL games. What do you think? Personally, I would be cool with them pulling an Oregon Ducks move and wear them for one game to sell more jerseys b/c it would definitely create extra revenue and hell I would probably even… Continue reading New England Patriots New Uniforms?

Cool Panaromic Fenway Park Pictures

Cool Panaromic Fenway Park Pictures

Sun Setting at Fenway Park, beautiful sky and a beautiful baseball park

fenway park panaromic cloudy sky
Fenway Park Panaromic with Cloud Sky
Fenway Park at Night Panaromic Picture
Fenway Park at Night Panaromic Picture
Fenway Park with David Ortiz at Bat Panaromic
Fenway Park with David Ortiz at Bat Panaromic

Florida Gators Football Alumni Meme Bar Joke

Florida Gator Football Alumni Meme Bar Joke

So a Racist (Riley Cooper), a Murderer (Aaron Hernandez) and a Preacher (Tim Tebow) walk into a bar…..

Ortizing (aka Papi’ing) is the new Tebowing

As I am sure man you saw last night, David Ortiz freaked out in last nights baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles, swinging and breaking multiple bats against a post in the dugout. As is common these day with sports, this has started a new craze I call Papi’ing but since this is very hard… Continue reading Ortizing (aka Papi’ing) is the new Tebowing