Red Sox Beards (2013 Boston Red Sox) Poster

Red Sox Beards (2013 Boston Red Sox) Poster

Hate to be another one of those Red Sox and Beards people but found this poster funny and with Game 5 tonight of the World Series I figured it was somewhat appropriate. My personal favorite is “The Tease” (David Ortiz) in real life and “The Buck” (Clay Buchholz) in terms of beard style, what about you?

How Does Koji Uhera Celebrate the Red Sox Winning the AL East?

Boston Red Sox Relief Pitcher Koji Uheara celebrate winning the AL East Crown?     Yeah, that’s how, with Lay’s Potato Chips and a Corona. I hope that he will calm down before the playoffs start. This definitely is a changed team from last year and they sure have produced very different results.

Ortizing (aka Papi’ing) is the new Tebowing

As I am sure man you saw last night, David Ortiz freaked out in last nights baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles, swinging and breaking multiple bats against a post in the dugout. As is common these day with sports, this has started a new craze I call Papi’ing but since this is very hard… Continue reading Ortizing (aka Papi’ing) is the new Tebowing