Another Reason Tom Brady Is The Greatest………Facebook

As though you need more reasons for why Tom Brady is one of, if not the greatest athlete in Boston, well here’s a new one, Facebook. Yes, Tom Brady has a great Facebook page. Brady’s Facebook page is full of the typical day in life stuff that all have but he also provides some pretty funny posts like the following happy birthday wish to teammate Vince Wilfork:

Happy B'day Wishes to Vince Wilfork on Tom Brady's Facebook Page
Happy B’day Wishes to Vince Wilfork on Tom Brady’s Facebook Page

This past week before the Colts game was no exception with Brady posting the infamous high five video for Legarrette Blount’s return to the Pats. While many poke fun at Brady, hell I do at times it’s hard not to, he gets it and joins in. Anyone who can poke fun at themselves gets points in my book:


The best part of this Brady post is the subtitle digs w/n the GIF itself:

  • Notice the team the Patriots are beating in the video. That is not a coincidence. I’m sure Blount has been playing this thing on repeat all day.
  • The Welcome Back, Kotter theme song is playing.

This video rivals the one before the Bears game.

Not only are Brady’s posts great but the comments section is hysterical and a treasure chest of pro Patriots & anti Manning/Luck memes:

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